We’ve all heard about a little known secret method to dispute and remove the negative items from your credit report, even if they are valid. These include late payments, collection accounts, liens, bankruptcies, repossessions, etc.

What you’ve never found–until now–is the detailed system you need to remove those items YOURSELF. There’s a way out of the negative credit hole and it’s legal and legitimate as defined by the well-established boundaries of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

This is the very same method credit repair agencies and attorneys use while charging their clients thousands of dollars.

We’ve been researching this issue for some time and found the perfect manual that gives you all the tools you need to fight the credit agencies. Author and credit expert John Harris has written RAPID RESULTS Credit Repair Credit Dispute Letter System: Credit Rating and Repair Book and it is BY FAR the most comprehensive and authoritative manual detailing the credit dispute system detailed in the FCRA. This fantastic resource will guide you through every detail so you can successfully dispute and remove negative items from your credit report.

There are several other books we’ve found that attempt to lay out the process, but none do it as technically well as RAPID RESULTS Credit Repair Credit Dispute Letter System. If you’re committed to repairing your own credit and saving thousands of dollars, this book will be your most valuable resource in that effort.

Best of all, it’s available to Amazon Kindle users and super affordable for the paperback version. If you are at that point in your credit repair journey where you want to to devote the time and effort to actually quickly repair your credit, RAPID RESULTS Credit Repair Credit Dispute Letter System is for you. This book isn’t about the basics or about strategy… it’s about a very tactical and systematic plan to dispute negative credit items and improve your score.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll get in this outstanding manual:

  • What you need to know about the the credit agencies and how your score is compiled
  • How to leverage the federal law and FCRA to your favor
  • What really happens to dispute letters and how the credit agencies use abusive tactics to make you go away
  • Which sites and services NEVER to use in disputing credit items
  • The detailed system you need to set up and follow to successfully dispute all your negative items
  • The secret to disputing accounts–even if they are valid–and the language to use to go toe-to-toe with the credit agencies
  • Utilizing the two dispute methods (and why you NEVER dispute online)
  • Dozens of dispute letters and when to use them and how to send them
  • How to format your dispute letters so credit agencies take them seriously
  • Sample letters to send collection agencies that will get them off your back FOREVER

This book is a powerful tool and MUST-HAVE for people serious about rebuilding their credit. It details a logical, step-by-step method that actually WORKS and it’s written in a clear, understandable way that anyone can follow.

It will also take the mystery out of credit repair because the book also explains how the credit report system works. This book is the real deal. Get it if you’re ready to take action.